Rette jetzt dein Oldtimer Radio

mit dem REDIRAD™ AM-Transmitter

So does your classic car radio still play your favourite tunes?

You love your classic car. And you love the vibe driving it. It’s all good. Almost. The one thing missing is that your classic car radio isn‘t playing your favourite tunes any more. Why? Well simply because your old car radio is longer receiving any stations. In other words, today’s broadcast frequencies simply no longer fit for your vintage radio. So now what?

Now you can get your favourites tunes back into your classic ride.

The RediRad ™ is a small radio adapter that adds an AUX-IN port to your classic car radio. With it you can connect every ordinary music player containing your favorite music. Check it out now!



The REDIRAD ™ can be installed in a very short time and without much effort. A relaxed cruise to your favorite music will be realized fast and easy without much effort.



The REDIRAD ™ does not require any modification to your original radio. This leaves your classic original and a sometimes complex removal and modification of your radio is eliminated.



The REDIRAD ™ is installed in between the antenna and the radio. Interruptions like with conventional radio transmitters are prevented reliably.

What our customers say

The REDIRAD™ is a great device especially because of its simple installation

The REDIRAD™ is a great product. First, the sound quality is excellent: as soon as you connect an iPod and press “Play”, the RediRad ™ automatically turns on. Switching to radio by simply pressing “pause” on the iPod also works fine. I am very satisfied and can recommend this solution to all classic car owners.

Fabrice Lüppe

1961 VW-Beetle

Great device with simple installation. It is easy to hide and does not interfere with the look that’s so important to classics. Simplest operation and the best sound possible with the existing audio system in the vehicle, ideal for combining modern digital technology for everyday use with classic analogue technology. I highly recommend the RediRad ™ to all classic car drivers.

Jörg Bohnenstiel

1956 Cadillac Eldorado

Absolute trouble free operation in the last two years in my Buick 1958, which still has its original Sonomatic radio – invisible. At the end of the day – in my opinion – the best option to a costly conversion. The complex removal from the dashboard is eliminated. If your original radio works, the REDIRAD™ is the simplest solution.

Sabine Scheiner

1958 Buick Roadmaster




RediRad™ AM-Transmitter

5 vorrätig


AM-Modulator entwickelt speziell für alte Autoradios die nur Sendefrequenzen im Mittelwellenband empfangen können. Lösung für Oldtimer-Besitzer, die den originalen Look and Feel Ihres Klassikers erhalten wollen

  • Fügt Ihrem alten Autoradio einen AUX-IN-Anschluss hinzu
  • Verwendbar mit allen Endgeräten die einen 3.5-Millimeter-Kopfhöreranschluss besitzen wie zum Beispiel iPhone, iPod, Android Smartphone, DAB+ Empfänger, mp3-Player oder tragbarer CD-Player
  • Einsetzbar auch für Fahrzeuge mit 6-Volt Batterie
  • Lieferung erfolgt mit ausführlicher deutscher Installations- und Bedienungsanleitung